You know WSOP as the main Omi88 Poker tournament but there are other popular tournaments in the world you need to consider in participating.

Know Omi88 Poker Tournament The Big One for One Drop
WSOP is known as the main tournament and many people come to compete for the great title, prize and also for the great gold bracelet. However, WSOP is not the only one since you can find other Omi88 Poker tournaments in the world that give you chance to win and be the famous player. You can join it and train your skill to earn your best prize in the world and those tournaments are as famous as WSOP.

Another judi bola online Poker Tournament You Should Know, The Big One for One Drop
If you miss WSOP, you don’t need to worry because you still can join other Omi88 Poker tournaments such as:

  • The Big One for One Drop

It is the tournament which was held for the first time in 2012 for WSOP and the entry fee at that time $1m. The founder of this tournament was Guy Laliberte from Cirque du Soleil and the entry fee which was collected so far went to One Drop Foundation. It is the charity that works to make sure the clean and safe water is available for every human being in this world. This tournament affect money rankings and 3 players won the game and earned one of the biggest prizes in the world such as Antonio Esfandiari.

If you are interested to join other tournaments besides WSOP, then you can choose it but this Omi88 Poker tournament is not always available so you can search other open tournament with low buy in.